The Story

In February 2012, while Anna was scrolling through one of those silly online dating website she came across a boy named Jesse whose profile made high claims of being a badass. As Anna is a smart ass, she questioned Jesse about his badassery. As luck would have it Jesse was just as much of a smart ass as Anna. They corresponded jokes to each other and decided to meet someplace to eat. That first date went exceedingly well. Jesse would be embarrassed to admit it but he even texted his mom saying Anna was "The One"; it might have had to do with her ability to beat him in arm wrestling, or her love of her family.

They joyfully stared dating. Anna taught Jesse how to dance. Jesse took Anna to the Theatre and educated her about beer. In their three years together they have gone to Duluth many times, various trips to Iowa, and one very adventurous road trip to St. Louis and Kansas City (I wouldn't recommend KC). They even got a couple cute cats together!

Just before their second anniversary (with a little pressure) Jesse got down on one knee in the sunken garden at the Como Conservatory and asked Anna to be his wife, to which Anna replied "Yes, now get up I don't want people to see, and man I didn't think I would cry."

We are so glad for all of you to be there for the next step in our story.